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Signs of Damage Caused by Rough Roads and Potholes

Good driving habits can usually help you avoid potholes, but sometimes you just don’t see them in time. Hitting a deep pothole can cause all kinds of damage to your vehicle. Here are some of the signs that you need to have it inspected. The Steering Wheel Shakes or Feels Off – Hitting a pothole…
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What Driving Habits Contribute to Flat Tires?

If you’re the impatient, always in a hurry to get somewhere type of driver, you may be more prone to getting a flat tire than someone who goes at a slower pace. Rough Roadways Your tires take a serious pounding on the road and going through construction zones, potholed streets, rough roadways needing paving, or…
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Should You Buy Rubber, Carpet, or Custom Floor Mats

If you’ve just bought a new car or a clean used car, and live in an area where there is lots of mud, snow, and ice, you probably want to consider floor mats to keep the carpets clean. You might also need them if you haul messy cargo, have kids and pets, or tend to…
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What Is The Timing Belt?

Okay, you might ask yourself what is the timing belt, and why do I need to know about it.  Basically, it’s a part that most people don’t know about, but it controls the camshafts in the engine. The timing belt makes sure the cylinders intake and exhaust strokes are timed just right on the camshaft…
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